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Hales Corners Street

Walk on the same street where some of the most influential people of the past era walked. You can touch the same pavement, you can feel the connection with the past and so much more.

Enjoy the same perks millions of others enjoyed and smile. History can be fun.



The diner that stood through time is now available for you and now you can enjoy it like never before. There are no rules or regulations you have to worry about. Just come and enjoy it. We will do all the hard work instead of you.

This traction is superb for all of those who want to witness something old yet spectacular.



Did you know that there is a motel here that is 200 years old? Now you can rent a room and enjoy the same features and perks people used 2 centuries ago. It is one of a kind establishment in the country and it is special.

The motel is always available and ready for you.

  • -	Emma Stewart
    A charming and picturesque location that showcases the beauty of the past while offering modern amenities for visitors. Its historical significance and small-town charm make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique and memorable experience.
    - Emma Stewart
  • -	Kristina Douglas
    A wonderful place with a rich history, unique architecture, and scenic views that offer visitors a glimpse into the past and an appreciation for the present. It is definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in history, culture, and nature.
    - Kristina Douglas
  • -	Sunil Mistry
    "Historic Hales Corners" is a fascinating place with a rich history that is worth exploring. Its charming architecture, scenic views, and historical landmarks make it a unique destination for anyone interested in learning about the past and appreciating the present.
    - Sunil Mistry