We Love What We Do

Welcome to Historic Hales Corners, a virtual treasure trove dedicated to celebrating and conserving the vibrant history of our beloved Hales Corners. Our mission is to enlighten, inspire, and engage visitors by weaving a captivating narrative that showcases the unique heritage of our charming community.

Our primary areas of focus include:

Local History:

We delve into the rich tapestry of Hales Corners' past, chronicling significant events, influential figures, and the cultural evolution of our community.

Architectural Heritage:

We showcase the architectural gems that have graced Hales Corners over the years, from storied landmarks to charming cottages, and reveal the stories behind their construction and preservation.

Oral Histories

We believe in the power of personal narratives. Our oral history project aims to capture the voices and memories of Hales Corners' residents, creating a living archive that will continue to grow and inspire future generations.

Educational Initiatives

We are committed to engaging the broader community through educational programs, workshops, and partnerships with local schools and institutions, fostering a deeper appreciation for Hales Corners' historical and cultural legacy.

Our restoration project focuses on the following key areas to ensure the successful revival of these precious historic buildings

Preliminary Assessments

Engage professional architects and historians to evaluate the structural integrity and historical value of the damaged buildings.

Identify the causes of damage and assess the level of intervention required for each building.

Prioritize the buildings based on their historical significance, current condition, and urgency of restoration.

Research and Documentation

Conduct thorough research to understand the original design, materials, and construction techniques used in each building.

Document the current condition of the buildings with detailed photographs, sketches, and written descriptions.

Archive all gathered information to serve as a valuable resource for future restoration and preservation efforts.

Restoration and Preservation Plans

Develop tailored construction plans that incorporate historically accurate materials and techniques, while also adhering to modern safety and building standards.

Collaborate with skilled artisans, craftsmen, and professionals who specialize in historic restoration to ensure the highest quality of work.

Establish a timeline and budget for each project, factoring in contingencies for unforeseen challenges.

Community Engagement

Involve the Hales Corners community throughout the restoration process by hosting workshops, presentations, and volunteer opportunities.

Communicate progress updates and share stories of the buildings' history and restoration journey through our website, social media, and newsletters.

Foster an appreciation for Hales Corners' history and the importance of preserving our architectural heritage.

At Historic Hales Corners, we are passionate about safeguarding the architectural treasures of our community.

The Art of Restoration:

Restoring historic buildings to their former glory involves much more than just repairing damage. It requires a deep understanding of the buildings' original materials, construction techniques, and design intent. Our team collaborated with skilled craftsmen, artisans, and historians to ensure that every detail of the restoration process was historically accurate and respectful of each building's unique heritage.

Authentic Materials and Techniques

To maintain the authenticity of the restored buildings, we sourced historically accurate materials and employed traditional construction techniques wherever possible. From the handcrafted woodwork and decorative plaster elements to the custom-made hardware and period-appropriate paint colors, every detail was painstakingly researched and executed to ensure the final result was true to the original design.

Revealing Hidden Beauty

During the restoration process, our team often uncovered hidden elements and details that had been lost or obscured over time. By carefully removing layers of dirt, paint, and other materials, we were able to reveal the original beauty of these architectural gems. These discoveries provided valuable insights into the buildings' history and informed our approach to the final finishing touches.

Period-Appropriate Landscaping

To complement the restored buildings and create a harmonious setting, we also paid careful attention to the landscaping. Our team collaborated with landscape architects and historians to design period-appropriate gardens and outdoor spaces that would enhance the historic character of each property while providing an inviting environment for visitors to enjoy.

Celebrating our Restored Legacy

With the final finishing touches in place, Hales Corners' historic buildings have been lovingly restored to their original grandeur. These architectural treasures now stand as proud reminders of our community's rich heritage, inviting future generations to explore and appreciate the stories they hold. Through our dedication to preserving the past, we have breathed new life into these timeless structures, ensuring that the legacy of Hales Corners will continue to inspire for centuries to come.

Our Work Process

Honest cooperation and superb service

Planning as long as needed.

Securing the area with fence
Mapping the area and the site using GPS and GLONASS
Keeping the cost of operation as low as possible
Keeping the ROI checked for project viability
Continue the management of projects and provide assistance to visitors