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1.  Hales Corners Wisconsin a History of the Village Since 1837

A publication of the Hales Corners Historical Society, January 2015.  340 pages with over 475 photos, illustrations and maps.  Soft cover.  Learn about the entertaining history of  Hales Corners from its frontier roots in 1837 to the community it is today.  To enlarge the image, click on it (jpg file). 

Price: The book is available at the Hales Corners Library, 5885 S. 116th St. in Hales Corners.  The price is $25.00 ($20.00 for current members of the Historical Society go to Membership ).

Mail orders:  the shipping charge for mail orders is $6.00.
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2.  W.  BEN HUNT from Whittlin' Jim to Lone Eagle by Alan J. Strekow and Robert Zeit. 

Published June 2012.  210
pages, soft cover.  The first-ever book about Hales Corners' most famous resident, W. Ben Hunt.  The book
contains over 250 color and black and white photos and illustrations.   The book is a must-have for anyone interested in Ben Hunt, Indian crafts, woodcarving, log cabin building, silversmithing, beadwork, etc.  To enlarge the image, click on it (jpg file).  For a pdf file of the image, click here

Price: $30.00 each book (includes shipping, packaging, and handling)

*Important:  orders for this book should be mailed directly to Alan J. Strekow, 11041 W. Grange Ave., Hales Corners, WI 53130

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3.   Walking Tour Book.  Hales Corners Historical Society Neighborhood Walking Tours, 2007.  60 pages, soft cover.  The book contains 10 walking tours and one driving tour.   There are maps of each tour, photos of  buildings and landmarks, and detailed descriptions of what you will see on each tour.   Note:  the Walking Tour Book is currently available free of charge at the Hales Corners Library (5885 S. 116th St. Hales Corners, WI).

        Price: $5.00 each book (includes shipping, packaging, and handling) 
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4.    Fire Department Book. When Fire Engines Were Red  by Harry Heileman, 2000.  93 pages, soft cover.  An account of the development of a small village fire department (Hales Corners, Wisconsin) from 1927, when the Fire Department was formed, to the present.   Mr. Heileman includes boyhood memories, personal stories, and descriptions of daily operations, plus the results of considerable research regarding equipment, finances, politics, and people.  The book contains several photos of old fire engines.

        Price:  $ 10.00 each  book (includes shipping, packaging, and handling)

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5.    Note Card Set.  The set contains eight note cards, each printed with a different archival photograph.  The photographs are of farm and village scenes of early Hales Corners.  Brown image on off-white card stock paper.  Eight envelopes included.  Envelope size is 5-3/4" x 4-3/8".   Fine quality.  Makes a nice gift.

        Price: $ 7.50 per set (includes shipping, packaging, and handling)

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6.    Sesquicentennial Booklet.  Plowing the Land, Reaping a Community: Hales Corners and Wisconsin's Sesquicentennial.  Hales Corners Historical Society, 1998, 20 pages, soft cover.  The booklet describes the early settlement of Hales Corners via text and illustrations.  It is available to local fourth grade teachers at no charge (call us at (414) 529-6150 ext. 24).  Support for this Wisconsin Humanities Council grant project was provided in part by the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Commission with funds from corporate contributors and the State of Wisconsin.

        Price: $ 4.00 each booklet (includes shipping, packaging, and handling)

*Important:  orders for the book W.  BEN HUNT from Whittlin' Jim to Lone Eagle should be mailed directly to Alan J. Strekow, 11041 W. Grange Ave., Hales Corners, WI 53130


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